About Us


Since it was founded in 2019, our company has been guided by the same principles: help to develop small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses by introducing modern technologies so that  our clients can set their tasks in a rapid and convenient way  which will lead to exact fulfillment of orders. This will also allow company owners to devote more time to business development, sales and other important issues.


Our motto is Money which you couldn’t make today, you can never make again!

Our story


Sergii Kaidash. He began working as a sales representative in 2000. In 2006 he opened his own wholesale warehouse in Dnipro and for 15 years it has grown into a large  distribution business. The total area of warehouses is 6,000 sq m. Logistics coverage is Central, Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

Egor Prihodko. He has vast experience in building online sales systems, marketing promotions of online products and effective software development teams