Rules for accepting and processing Removal ordes from Amazon to the warehouse of the prep-center.

It is necessary to coordinate the export of goods with Amazon with the warehouse manager.

  1. Removal orders tariffs
  2. Inform Asin the goods and the quantity for export.
  3. After approval, issue a Removal order to the address of the warehouse. Specifying the required Name of the Recipient + Individual customer number (provided by the warehouse manager)
  4. Fill in the data in a google table or accounting program (access is provided by the manager)
  5. Make payment 50% of the cost of the service according to the rates on the website
  6. Indicate all track numbers in the table or accounting program after providing them to you from Amazon.
  7. Upon receipt of your goods at the warehouse by Removal order, the goods will be immediately repackaged into a new box. The price of the box is according to the tariffs
  8. Important! The warehouse cannot be held responsible for the improper delivery of US Postal Services – UPS, USPS, Fedex

If the rules in clauses 1-9 are not followed, the warehouse reserves the right to dispose of the unidentified Removal order at the time of acceptance of the goods.