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Money not earned today - you will never earn!

Money not earned today - you will never earn!

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FNSKU Labeling

Sets / Bundles

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Control stock online!

FNSKU Labeling

Sets / Bundles

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Control of balances online without Google Sheets!

Control of stock , automation shipments and telegram notifications!

Working with Fragile

We accept glass and food products at regular rates, Expiry date fixing!

Air-conditioned warehouse + refrigerator

Fully air-conditioned warehouse. We can work with chocolate!

  • Clients work through their personal account

  • Control stock balances

  • Sending shipments to Amazon in 1 click

  • Storage of goods up to 7 days - free

  • The presence of a ramp (accepting tracks of any length)

  • We work 5 days per week

  • We work on holidays in the USA

  • Support EN, UA

  • We are a US company, we work with legal entities

  • We provide our discounts at FedEx, UPS



FNSKU Labeling from 1000 units/ASIN$0.55per unit
FNSKU Labeling 500-999 units/ASIN$0.70per unit
FNSKU Labeling 200-499 units/ASIN$0.75per unit
FNSKU Labeling 100-199 units/ASIN$0.80per unit
FNSKU Labeling 21-99 units/ASIN$0.85per unit
FNSKU Labeling less 20 units/ASIN$30.00per batch
Small and Light Labeling $0.45per unit

Sets / Bundles

Polybagging 1 unit$1.00per unit
Sets / Bundles (2)$1.30per set
Sets / Bundles (3)$1.50per set
Sets / Bundles (4)$1.70per set
Sets / Bundles (5)$2.00per set
Sets / Bundles (6)$2.20per set
Sets / Bundles (over 6)$2.50+$0.20 for additional unitper set

Glass, fragile products (bubblewrap+FNSKU)

Prices include packaging in the triple bubble wrap
Bubblewrapping 1 unit$1.45per unit
Sets / Bundles (2) + bubblewrap $2.50per set
Sets / Bundles (3) + bubblewrap $2.80per set
Sets / Bundles (4) + bubblewrap $3.15per set
Sets / Bundles (5) + bubblewrap $3.45per set
Sets / Bundles (6) + bubblewrap $3.75per set
Sets / Bundles (over 6) + bubblewrap $3.75+$0.35 for additional unitper set


Forward ≤ 50 boxes$5.00per box
Forward 51 – 200 boxes$4.00per box
Forward > 200 boxes$3.00per box
Forward 1 oversize box (> 25 in)$7.00per box
Forward 1 super size box (weight > 50 lb; max box side > 30 in)$20.00per box
Forward boxes on a pallet:
FBA labeling (all boxes on pallet)$1.20for the label
Forming a pallet on FBA / Forward a pallet$45.00per pallet

FBM orders

Order processing more than 24 hoursFreeper order
1-5 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU$3.50per order
6-10 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU$2.80per order
11-50 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU$2.50per order
50+ FBM orders per day for 1 SKU$2.00per order
Additional unit in order+ $0.50per unit
Oversize (over 8x14x18 in)**fee х2to any service
Overweight (over 8 lb)**fee х2to any service
**the tariff is applicable to any of the services for packaging and receiving goods

Receiving and storage***


Receiving products by boxes (less than10 boxes)Free
Receiving products by boxes (more than 10 boxes), unloading containers 20″/ 40″ and more:
– Forming boxes on pallets$15.00per pallet
– Pallet + Wrapping $15.00per pallet
Receiving products on a pallet$12.00per pallet
Counting units (manual)$0.05per unit
Counting units (by invoice)free

Removal Orders

Removal ordes > 99 units/ASIN$1.50per unit
Removal ordes 100-199 units/ASIN$1.25per unit
Removal ordes 200-1000 units/ASIN$1.00per unit
Using an address for Removal orders$10.00per month

FBM returns

Receiving and visual inspectionfrom $2.00
Detailed inspection / Non-Standard Return Checkfrom $35.00/per hour

Monthly storage

First 7 calendar daysFree
> 50 pallets$35.00per pallet/per month
6-50 pallets$40.00per pallet/per month
1-5 pallets$45.00per pallet/per month
Pallet size 40x48x60 in
Refrigerator storage$1.70cub. ft./per month
Storage of boxes up to 1 pallet$0.95cub. ft./per month
Removal/Returns storage$50.00per pallet/per month
***Rates are indicated for items under $ 100.00. Goods worth more than $ 100.00 can be accepted and processed in the warehouse by prior arrangement and at an individual rate. We reserve the right not to be held responsible for items over $ 100.00 if we are not informed of their arrival in advance.
We do not work with prohibited goods and DVDs

Additional services

Preparation of goods for Labeling FNSKU$0.50 — $1.00per unit
Box $2.75per box
Weighing / dimensions of 1 box$3.00per box
Inspection of units in 1 box standart / oversize$0.30 / $0.60per unit
Inventory goods in stock by request$50.00
Purchase shipping (shipping label USPS / Fedex * / UPS *) + shipping cost & Adjustments$2.00per shipping label
* shipping costs are rounded up
Product photo$2.00per photo
Photo package to open a category (for 1 sku)$25.00per batch
Shipment creationfreeon request
Pick-up of cargo from the port of Miamifrom $370.00per pick up
Pick-up our 15 ′ truckfrom $50.00per pick up
Product disposalfrom $0.50per unit
Customs clearance$295.00
FDA clearance $150.00
Call to the United States Postal Servicefrom $50.00pre call
Call to the supplierfrom $5.00per call
Working with the Clothes/Shoes categoryfrom $3.00per unit
Working with the Jewelry categoryfrom $5.00 per unit
Hourly Labor Rates$35.00per hour

Buyback from US suppliers

Buybacks are carried out from sites that do not require additional data – Tax ID, Sales Tax
Minimum buyout from $250.00 – $299.005.00 %
Buyback from $300.00 – $500.004.00 %
Buyback from $501.00 – $1000.003.50 %
Buyback over $1001.003.00 %
Invoices (if provided by the supplier)free

Lets Start!


About Us

Our prep center OneDayBundle area of 22,000 sq.ft. located in Florida📍
We managed to translate our 15 years of experience in building logistics and distribution with a team of 90 people in Ukraine into a fast and convenient service in the USA

We started our work at Amazon on the Private Label model in 2017. And already in 2018 they began to use the OA model.

Special equipment was purchased for the manufacture of sets and bundles, which significantly reduced the time spent on labor.

Some figures

In February 2021, 56,112 units of goods were processed and 12,723 sets and bundles were formed for their own needs. At the same time, the monthly increase in volume is 15-25%

With such indicators, we quickly reduced the level of costs and achieved a high turnover of goods.

Having analyzed the existing market for such services (prep-centers), it was decided to enter it with fundamentally new tariffs.

Since 2017

We are working on Private Label model

Since 2018

Online Arbitrage

56 112

Individually processed units for February 2021

12 723

Sets and bundles formed for February 2021

We named our prep center OneDayBundle – Bundles in 24 Hours!

We process shipments up to 500 units of goods in 24 hours, we make high-quality and inexpensive bundles and sets.

If in terms of processing single goods we have nothing to surprise our customers with, then the automated system for generating sets allows us to provide a very attractive price offer, while maintaining a high speed of order execution.

An important role is played by the territorial location of our warehouse – the state of Florida. Salary levels are below the US average, warehouse rental prices and the absence of heating bills are also an important factor in the low cost of services.

Our warehouse is fully air-conditioned, as well as a large refrigerator, ramp and the ability to accept any trucks (longer than 53 ‘)

It should be noted that in our region the temperature does not drop below 0 °. This is highly appreciated by our customers who have liquid products in their assortment.

After all, broken cans and bottles in the winter, which were identified by Amazon during reception, are often not a fight, but cracked glass under the pressure of a frozen liquid during storage at a prep center or during transportation.

OneDayBundle prep center’s free FBA services include a chain of actions in the Seller Central Amazon customer account:
SKU creation;
– formation of shipments;
– printing labels;

Warehouse photo

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