3PL Fulfillment Service

Inventory Management

OneDayBundle 3PL and Warehouse Services. Why are we special? Because we are super FAST. Guaranteed processing time is 24 hours. It is CONVENIENT with us. You will have your personal account, integrated with your Amazon account. No Google sheets nightmare anymore!
Monthly Storage for cub. ft.
from $0.85
FNSKU Labeling
from $0.55
Sets / Bundles
from $1.15
FBM Orders
from $2.00
24 hours processing
100 units
15 FBM
150 sets
25 FBA
200 bundles
Integration with
Seller Central
Check inventory
online 24/7
FBA Shipments
in 1 click
Parcel tracking
NO spreadsheet
Processing Guaranteed
3PL Warehouse
FBA preparation
Customized bundles
22.000 SQ.FT.
Docks and forklift
bundle creation
is Amazon Service Provider
Smart prices
FNSKU Labeling
from $0.55
Sets / Bundles
from $1.15
from $1.50
FBM Orders
from $2.00
from $3.00
Small and Light
from $0.55
Removal Orders
from $1.20
Monthly Storage
first 7 days FREE
The warehouse is located
in Florida, Miami
City of Fort Lauderdale
6.6 miles
4.7 miles
3038 SW 42nd St,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312
Do you have any questions?
What's the cost of a monthly subscription to OneDayBundle?
Warehouse service, registration and use of our ODB App are absolutely free!
As a seller on Amazon, do I take any risks in using the software?
Our software is completely safe. Our prep center and app have been vetted by Amazon and we are now listed as an Amazon Certified Warehouse in the United States.
How can I learn to use the ODB software?
All the information you need to get started with our software is collected in the documentation. All articles are accompanied by illustrative photos and videos.
What benefits do I get as an Amazon Seller when I use your software?
Control your inventory in real-time 24/7. Create sets, bundles and splits on Amazon in 1 click. The software allows you to save your time and energy. No more google spreadsheets nightmare!
Do you work with glassware or fragile goods?
Yes! We pack secure and simple glass sets and bundles in triple bubble wrap. This minimizes possible damage when shipping to Amazon warehouses or directly to your customer.
What is the minimum batch of product processing?
We work with batches of 20 or more units per ASIN. If your batch is smaller its cost will be fixed at $30.00
I have a question and I can't find an answer. What do I do?
If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact our support team in any way that's convenient for you.
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