FNSKU Labeling from 1000 units/ASIN
$0.55per unit
FNSKU Labeling 500-999 units/ASIN
$0.70per unit
FNSKU Labeling 200-499 units/ASIN
$0.75per unit
FNSKU Labeling 100-199 units/ASIN
$0.80per unit
FNSKU Labeling 21-99 units/ASIN
$0.85per unit
FNSKU Labeling less 20 units/ASIN
$30.00per batch
Small and Light Labeling
$0.45per unit
Sets / Bundles
Polybagging 1 unit
$1.00per unit
Sets / Bundles (2)
$1.30per set
Sets / Bundles (3)
$1.50per set
Sets / Bundles (4)
$1.70per set
Sets / Bundles (5)
$2.00per set
Sets / Bundles (6)
$2.20per set
Sets / Bundles (7+)
+ $0.20 for additional unitper set
Glass, fragile products (bubblewrap+FNSKU)
Bubblewrapping 1 unit
$1.45per unit
Sets / Bundles (2) + bubblewrap*
$2.50per set
Sets / Bundles (3) + bubblewrap*
$2.80per set
Sets / Bundles (4) + bubblewrap*
$3.15per set
Sets / Bundles (5) + bubblewrap*
$3.45per set
Sets / Bundles (6) + bubblewrap*
$3.75per set
Sets / Bundles (7+) + bubblewrap*
+ $0.35 for additional unitper set
*Prices include triple bubble wrap
Forward ≤ 50 boxes
$5.00per box
Forward 51 - 200 boxes
$4.00per box
Forward > 200 boxes
$3.00per box
Forward 1 oversize box (> 25 in)
$7.00per box
Forward 1 super size box (weight > 50 lb; max box side > 30 in
$20.00per box
Forward boxes on a pallet:
FBA labeling (all boxes on pallet)
$1.20for the label
Forming a pallet on FBA / Forward a pallet
$45.00per pallet
FBM orders
Order processing more than 24 hours
1-5 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU
$3.50per order
6-10 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU
$2.80per order
11-50 FBM orders per day for 1 SKU
$2.50per order
50+ FBM orders per day for 1 SKU
$2.00per order
Additional unit in order
+ $0.50per unit
Oversize (over 8x14x18 in)**
fee х2to any service
Overweight (over 8 lb)**
fee х2to any service
**The tariff is applicable to any of the services for packaging and receiving goods
Receiving products by boxes (< 10 boxes)
Receiving products by boxes (> 10 boxes), unloading containers 20"/ 40" and more:
- Forming boxes on pallets
$15.00per pallet
- Pallet + Wrapping
$15.00per pallet
Receiving products on a pallet
$12.00per pallet
Counting units (manual)
$0.05per unit
Counting units (by invoice)
Freeper unit
Removal Orders
Removal ordes > 99 units/ASIN
$1.50per unit
Removal ordes 100-199 units/ASIN
$1.25per unit
Removal ordes 200-1000 units/ASIN
$1.00per unit
Using an address for Removal orders
$10.00per month
FBM returns
Receiving and visual inspection
from   $2.00
Detailed inspection (complete check), elimination of minor damages, inspection according to the customer's instructions. Non-Standard Return Check
from   $40.00per hour
Monthly storage
First 7 days
1-5 pallets
$45.00per pallet/mth
6-50 pallets
$40.00per pallet/mth
> 50 pallets
$35.00per pallet/mth
Pallet size 40x48x60 in
Refrigerator storage
$1.70cub. ft. / per month
Storage of boxes up to 1 pallet
$0.95cub. ft. / per month
Removal / Returns storage
$50.00cub. ft. / per month
***Rates are indicated for items under $ 100.00. Goods worth more than $ 100.00 can be accepted and processed in the warehouse by prior arrangement and at an individual rate. We reserve the right not to be held responsible for items over $ 100.00 if we are not informed of their arrival in advance.
We do not work with prohibited goods and DVDs.
Additional services
Preparation of goods for Labeling FNSKU
$0.50 — $1.00per unit
$2.75per box
Weighing / dimensions of 1 box$3.00
$3.00per box
Inspection of units in 1 box standart / oversize
$0.30 / $0.60per unit
Inventory goods in stock by request
Purchase shipping (shipping label USPS / Fedex * / UPS *) + shipping cost & Adjustments
$2.00per shipping label
*Shipping costs are rounded up
Product photo
$2.00per photo
Photo package to open a category (for 1 sku)
$25.00per batch
Shipment creation
Pick-up of cargo from the port of Miami
from   $370.00per pick up
Pick up our 15′ truck
from   $50.00per pick up
Product disposal
from   $0.50per unit
Customs clearance
from   $295.00
FDA clearance
from   $150.00
Call to the United States Postal Service
from   $50.00per call
Call to the supplier
from   $5.00per call
Working with the Clothes / Shoes category
from   $3.00per unit
Working with the Jewelry category
from   $5.00per unit
Non-standard tasks
$40.00per hour
Buyback from US suppliers
Buybacks are carried out from sites that do not require additional data – Tax ID, Sales Tax
Minimum amount from $250.00 - $299.00
5.00 %
Buyback from $300.00 - $500.00
4.00 %
Buyback from $501.00 - $1 000.00
3.50 %
Buyback > $1 001.00
3.00 %
Invoices (if provided by the supplier)
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